VATIKA Honey & Egg Conditioner Repair And Restore, (400 ml)

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Vatika Repair and Restore Hair Conditioner is a nourishing hair treatment that helps repair damaged hair and restore its natural health and shine. It contains natural ingredients such as honey, egg, and castor oil to provide deep hydration, improve hair elasticity, and reduce breakage. This conditioner helps to detangle hair, making it easier to manage and style, and leaves hair feeling soft, silky, and refreshed.

  • Vatika honey and egg hair conditioner in Qatar
  • Contains honey and egg to hydrate and strengthen hair
  • Repairs and restores hair health
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny, and manageable
  • Anti-dandruff hair conditioner for dry scalp

Moisturizes Hair: Vatika Hair Conditioner with Honey and Egg is enriched with natural ingredients such as honey and egg that help in providing deep nourishment and moisturization to the hair.

Repair Damaged Hair: Honey and egg help in repairing the damaged hair cuticles and also helps in restoring the natural shine and texture of the hair.

Conditions Hair: The conditioner helps in detangling the hair and also provides a smooth texture to the hair.

Adds Shine: The honey and egg present in the conditioner helps in adding natural shine and luster to the hair.

Protects Against Frizz: The conditioner helps in providing protection from heat, dust, and pollution and also helps in reducing frizz.

Country of Origin: UAE

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