AUREANA By My MAN Deep Face Cleanser 100ML

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Product Description

The man of few words, but a man of his word. The man of many talents, but a man of one love. The man of the moment, but always a man of honour. A secret admirer or your secret keeper. Your partner in crime or your lifeline. Your belief in them never wavers. And your faith in their potential never disappears. You are the anchor in their journey. The inspiration for them to be better. So, bring out the best in them with self-care essentials from MyMan.

About This Item

  • For the man who strives to achieve perfection in every action, every interaction, and every walk of life.
  • For the man who sets out to make his mark, it’ll treat the marks that settle on the surface of his skin.
  • A unique solution that deep cleanses, while protecting the skin from UV damage, pollution, and early signs of ageing.
  • Formulated to cleanse the stress and give the skin that much-needed rest. Supported by clinical research, it is designed exclusively for men. 

Country Of Origin : India

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