THE BODY SHOP Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist 100ml

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Product Description

Step into the mysterious and captivating world of midnight with THE BODY SHOP Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist. This alluring mist captures the essence of Indian Night Jasmine, a delicate and exotic flower known for its enchanting aroma. Immerse yourself in the seductive and elegant fragrance that lingers, leaving a trail of sophistication wherever you go.

About this Item

  1. Indian Night Jasmine Elegance: Envelop yourself in the exotic and seductive fragrance of Indian Night Jasmine. This fragrance mist captures the allure of the midnight bloom, creating an irresistible and captivating aura.

  2. Light and Sensual: The mist features a light and sensual formula, allowing you to enjoy the sophisticated scent without overwhelming your senses. It's perfect for daily wear, adding a touch of allure to your presence.

  3. Long-Lasting Intrigue: Experience the enduring allure with a fragrance that lasts throughout the day. The Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist ensures that the captivating scent remains with you, leaving a lasting impression.

  4. Versatile Application: Whether it's a casual day out, an evening event, or a special occasion, this fragrance mist is versatile enough to complement any setting. A few spritzes create a veil of elegance around you.

  5. Chic and Travel-Friendly: Encased in a stylish and compact 100ml bottle, the fragrance mist is both chic and travel-friendly. Keep it in your bag for a quick and rejuvenating fragrance boost wherever your journey takes you.

  6. Cruelty-Free Commitment: Stay true to ethical beauty choices with THE BODY SHOP's commitment to cruelty-free formulations. Revel in the enchanting scent of Indian Night Jasmine knowing that your beauty routine aligns with your values.

  7. Perfect for Layering: Pair the Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist with other products from THE BODY SHOP's Indian Night Jasmine range for a layered and harmonious fragrance experience. Enhance the allure by building on the sensual notes.


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