Lattafa Maahir Perfumed Spray 250ml

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Product Description

Lattafa Perfumes & Perfumed Deodorant Bodysprays is all about the fragrance, style & innovation. The fragrance aspire the taste of international culture. "After all one is not completely dressed until the person wears a fragrance" Lattafa Perfumes produces own customized brands of Perfumes, Body Sprays, Colognes and whole range of fragrances. Lattafa is a leading Perfumes and Deodorants manufacturing Company in the UAE. Lattafa produces Perfumes that have a Fragrant Impression. Lattafa has an Extensive range of Perfumes and Deodorants which suits varied Tastes and Mood of the customer. Perfumes and Deodorants of Lattafa create mesmerizing scents, which would delight your senses. Whatever be the occasion, Lattafa has the perfect Fragrance which helps you to charge the Atmosphere with your presence.

About this Item

  • Long lasting fragrance & can be worn at any time of the day
  • It is this unique mix that has been captured
  • This spray will leave behind a graceful trail of fragrance
  • A dynamic & youthful fragrance with pleasant freshness

Country of Origin : United Arab Emirates

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